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PHCN Worker Electrocuted At Alagbaka, Akure, Ondo State - Photos

Safety measures has never been a strong suit for Nigerians and the companies in it. And talking about PHCN or IBEC or NEPA or EECT or whatever they call themselves this days, they are actually the worst government establishment you can think of working for.

In terms of safety and work security, you are on your own as long as this people are concerned. The picture above is one of the staff off this PHCN that was electrocuted at Alagbaka in Ondo State capital, Akure.

Well, may his soul rest in peace. I sympathize with the family of the deceased and I don't suppose they family will be given any compensation. Afterall, is PHCN; no job security, no pension and even if there is, takes ages to collect.

Its a pity.

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