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Nollywood Actress Omotola Jalade Seconds Daddy Freeze Over First Fruits Condemnation

The overt deception by Nigeria pastors and some other African pastors is alarming and I will even suggest that the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC should dabble into it and arrest these so called men of God.

Can you imagine that these so called men of God asks their followers to bring their first fruit of the year (January Salary) as well as first fruit of labour (first salary you receive when you get a new job) and also first increase (which is the salary you receive the first time your salary is increased) to them? This is obtaining by tricks and EFCC might as well start arresting some of this pastors.

In OAP, Daddy Freeze teaching and total condemnation of this so called first fruit, saying 'is foolishness and sinful to even do that', Nollywood veteran actress Omotola aka Omosexy was surprised to hear that such thing exists. She seconded Daddy Freeze teaching and condemned it totally.

She wrote as a reply to Freeze;

“Really? People drop their January salary? Hearing this for the first time.”

Daddy Freeze respond;

"omo sexy mi! Happy new year! All the time even people who are paid less than 30k a month”

See more replies and total condemnations by others below....

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