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NAN Deputy Editor's Wife Gives Birth To Quadruplets 7 Years After Marriage - Photos

At the backdrop of many tragedy happening, their is still a light at the end of the tunnel. News Agency of Nigeria, NAN deputy Editor in Chief's wife just gave birth to a quadruplets 7 years after marriage. What a way to start the new year.

Her significant other gave birth to quadruplets in the early hours of Friday, following seven years of sitting tight and waiting upon God for fruits of marriage.

Mr. Ejiofor who heads the Sports Desk of NAN said: 

”I have Always Hold unto the Omnipotence, Sovereignty and miraculous power of God over all situations. Several medical doctors report had said we were medically healthy, and that nothing was wrong with us.When God says YES, No circumstance or anyone can say NO.

“It is simply a miracle as far as I am concerned. I thank God for the wonderful gifts on a day like this; but we never lost faith in God. I always believe that God has something for us because the doctor always assures us that there is nothing wrong with us, so we were patiently waiting.

I also thank God because their mother (Hannah) is fine and just recuperating because of the Cesarean operation she went through; the babies are fine too. I sincerely thank the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and indeed every member of staff of the hospital. God bless them.”

The quadruplets who were delivered at 9.24a.m., are being nursed in incubators at Crystal Specialist Hospital, Akonwonjo, Lagos. Ejiofor, echoed he never lost faith in God during the years of waiting, describing the quadruplets as a miracle from God.”

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