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Morata Trends On Twitter Following His 3 Clear Chances Missed Against Arsenal, Including 1 on 1

Now I understand that Chelsea Coach, Conte was able to win last years EPL because Chelsea was still Chelsea. But now that he has gotten a hold of the club and his footprints all over it, all his decisions from buying players and selling players has been blunders. 

If the coach is not crazy, how can someone force someone like Diago Costa out and buy Morata who is a second choice in another club? FYI, Costa scored with 4mins on the clock on his first match as her returned to Atletico Madrid. Sell Nemanja Matic and bought bakayoko, foolishness. Now Conte is forcing David Luis out again.

This is not to say that Alvaro Morata is not good but he is not good enough as a first choice striker in a club like Chelsea where everything and every match is important. The chances he misses in a single game is alarming. The one he missed against Arsenal yesterday night is so so awful that his is now trending online. He missed like for clear cut chances but the one trolling him is the one-on-one he missed.

I don't know about you guys but sometime during that Arsenal match, I felt like vomiting because of the clumsiness and the awful misses of Morata. He is indeed the new miss world. I don't think Chelsea have ever had this kind of striker in decades.

See what people are tweeting about the new miss world aka Morata

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