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Meet Tobi, BBNaija 2018 Contestant/Housemate, A Banker & A Very Rich Kid - Photos

One on the handsome and rich Big Brother Nigeria Housemate has caught the eye of many people, especially ladies cuz he is not just new in 'limelight' having made the list of "Rich Kids Of Nigeria & Their Flamboyant Lifestyle" in 2013 and also made this list of the Most stylish Nigerian rich kids in 2017.

His name is Tobi Bakre and he is 23 year old and he is from Ogun state. He is a banker and photographer who enjoys networking with people and playing BBall. His favourite food is plantain and eggs, whilst his favourite artiste is Davido. #BBNaija

Tobi Bakre is not just a pretty face or a rich kid because he is fierce. He just became the first head of the big brother Nigeria house today. He is already courting controversy as a student of UNILAG accused him of snatching his girlfriend.

Tobi's father proved that Oil is not the only sector one can venture in to become a billionaire. Banking can also make you one. Tobi Bakre has also held on his father's money even as he does his own thing. He spends as he loves and his style is young and fresh. Like any other rich kid, he also doesn’t hesitate to show his own expensive style and flaunt it right.

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