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Meet Bambam, A 28 Years Old Actress & BBNaija 2018 Housemate Who Is 100% Sure Of Winning The Prize

Is she going to be the 2018 BBNaija Tboss? Just like TBoss in 2017, this lady is so confident that she will be the one to emerge as the Big Brother Nigeria 2018 winner and we can't tell where she is drawing that confidence from. 

Meet Oluwabamike Olawumi, a 28-year-old actress and singer from Ogun State. She attended a film school and enjoys watching movies, playing badminton and singing. She will miss her brother and best friend whilst in the House. She is bringing drama, entertainment and charm to the House.

BamBam feels 100% confident of winning the show, she feels very confident of taking the money. She is great and happy today and feels she will form partnership with Angel. #BBNaija #BBDiaryRoom

She said aim for attending a film school, was a way to overcome her parents divorce. BamBam’s spirit-animal is the black panther because it has “good massage skills”.

More pics of her below...

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