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Medical Doctor Exposes Her Former Lecturer Who Wanted To Sleep With Her Or Fail Her - Photos

If you went to high institution and you are a female, chances are you have come across stupid lecturers that will insist on seeing that thing in between your legs or else you face failing their courses. We still have a lot of them in schools today and thank God for the male students, they don't get harassed like this.

Well a medical doctor who went through the harassment have just exposed one of her lectures who insisted on sleeping with her before he will pass her. Following a speech on harassment that was delivered by Oprah at an event, many people have been inspired to come out and share their stories on sexual harassment and other forms of victimization.

One of which is a Nigerian doctor identified as Funke Dezarn who has taken to the social media platform to share her own story of victimization and in the process, expose her oppressor identified as Francis Andy Fakoya who was one of her lecturers in school.

Posting a photo and address of the man in question, she wrote on her Facebook page: 

"Oprah’s speech on Golden Globe tonight inspired me to post this.“Dr.Med.Dr” Francis Andy Fakoya of Anatomy Department OAU Ife-Ife,Nigeria , you destroyed many young lives through your sexual harassments. As that was not enough, you used your power as a teacher to Medical Students, to fail any student that refused you. Some of the student victims repeated the class, some like me were lucky to have just a resit, while some were thrown out of Medical school.

I chose to say NO to you and you failed me in Anatomy 2 times (Part 2 and Part 3), which are the only failures I have on my transcript!!! I remember your words to me both times, a day before both exams, “Agree to sleep with me or you fail and resit the exam”. Wherever you are tonight (St George’s University, Medical School, Caribbean Island), for all the lives you affected negatively, TIME’S UP! Pls share this post as many times as you can until this message gets to him! He destroyed too many lives."

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