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Man Shade Tears Of Joy As His Lady Knelt Down To Propose To Him In Public - Photo

To some people, this is a sacrilege and to some tribes in Nigeria and even in Africa at large, this is a CAN'T DO for ladies. 90% of ladies can't even ask a guy out let a lone to proposing to one and they give flimsy excuses like "he won't respect you if you do that". 

I think is time for ladies to grow up in this part of the world and embrace the diversity in modernity. It mustn't be men proposing or asking ladies out, ladies can do the same too since you guys are always the ones saying "what a man an do, a woman can do it better".

Well this sweet lady has taken the bull by the horn by kneeling down in an open beech to propose to her prospective husband and they guy accepted her proposal while shading tears of joy.

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