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Man Sets Crucifix Of Jesus Christ On Fire, Says Christians Are Worshiping Idols - Video

I don't know if I should second his idea or not because religious issues are some of the things that are very sentimental to the people of this country. Regardless if they are doing the right thing or not, "how dare you tell them this is right and that is wrong".. is always the case.

Nevertheless, the bible says when shouldn't worship idols and when you tell Catholics that they are worshiping idols they will quote and quote and quote and try to convince you that that is not the case and please get this; all their quotes are based on sentiments and not emperical.

Anyway, I think this guy is fade up on his worshiping of idol and thus decided to set the crucifix of Jesus Christ in his house ablaze and accuss Christian of worshiping idol. And Catholic will always tell you they are honoring merry and not worshiping him...hmmmm oh.

See video below.....

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