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Man Builds Own Power Plant From Scratch And Connects Electricity To His Entire Village

Let me start by saying; there is no iota of doubt that Nigeria have best brains in every expect of life and talents are being wasted because nobody to sponsor most of this young and vibrant individuals. One of such individual today, regardless of the constraints and disabilities has come up with a power plant. His name is John Magiro Wangari.

According to Naij.com, this young man started toying with the idea of using his brother's bicycle's dynamo to produce energy because of the fact that they hardly have electricity and are confined to using only lamps and other achaic methods of lightening.  He pondered over how the dynamo worked to produce light while riding the bicycle.

Wangari explained: 

"I decided to combine the dynamo with an alternator from a car and took it to a waterfall. When the water spins the turbine, the turbine in turns spins the alternator, which then produces energy."a Wngari saw this as the only way he could address the challenge of using Kerosene lamps which posed many people to respiratory diseases as noted by health experts.

As of today, he has built a fully functional mini power plant and connected 250 homes in Murang'a county with affordable electricity.

Among those who have benefited from Wangari's self-made hydro-power include his village mate Shem Chege. According to Shem Chege, who is currently one of Wangari's customers, the rural electricity has had a huge impact in his house.

Chege said: 

"It has helped us a lot. Back then I was using kerosene as source of light and for reading. Now I use the electricity to read and the children use it to do their homework."

The government has since taken note of the life-changing rural electrification initiative and has offered to support Wangari's project. According to Wangary, "They wanted to reward me for the renewable power plant. They gave me two transformers so that I could grow my business and sell affordable electricity to the villagers."

He now plans to double the connection from 250 homes in his village by building sub micro-hydro plants in other counties. 

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