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Man Apprehended For Raping His Neighbors' 2 Hens To Death In Kenya - Photo

I don't know why the most "stupidest" thing in this world always happen in Kenya. I meant no disrespect and I'm not saying this because I'm a Nigerian. Ah Ah, Which one is raping chicken t o death again biko nu?

Status quo was really threatened in Kapkwen area, Bomet county, Kenya after a man was apprehended having engaged in ‘sexual intercourse’ with two hens, leading to their death.

According to reports, 33-year-old Alfred Kipkemoi Mutai alias Chesoni stole the two hens belonging to his neighbour on Saturday evening, January 20. He is then reported to have engaged in the unnatural act all through the night and was nabbed in the morning sneaking out with the dead hens.

Upon being pressed on where he was taking the chicken, Chesoni confessed to having committed the act. He was then beaten up by the villagers who demanded he compensates the owner of the birds. Richard Kibor Tonui, the owner of the hens, said he would only forgive the culprit upon receiving a compensation fee of Ksh.4, 000.

“I was shocked to wake up in the morning only to find that this man (Chesoni) had raped my hens. I want Ksh.2, 000 for each chicken, only then will I forgive him and he will never be allowed to step foot in my compound again,” said Mr. Kibor.

Following the beating by the villagers, an injured Chesoni pledged to get married and lead a better life.

Recall that a middle-aged man, identified as Mbiti Munyao in Kangundo constituency, Machakos area of Kenya was arrested for allegedly raping to death, last week. According to the area assistant Chief Mary Mulwa, Munyao was seen pulling the two goats from a bush where the animals had been tied on Saturday, January 13.

The two goats were said to have taken their last breath after Munyao was done with them. The accused spent a night in police custody before he was charged and bailed for sh100, 000( N349,515.00) after he pleaded not guilty to the accusation.

He was charged with an unnatural offense and unlawful killing of goats.

The images of the two dead goats and the man in the police station sparked outrage among Kenyans with most of them condemning the inhumane act

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