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It Seems Glo YouTube Free Data Streaming Is No Longer Working

I don't know if anyone have already experienced this and yet decided to keep quiet about it. But as a blogger, I must write almost everything I see both interesting and none interesting. Yet this is my personal experience.

Since 2018, I have noticed that Glo Free YouTube Data streaming which they keep talking about and advertising almost everyday is no longer working. This is not a drill soldiers, it is real. If you try it, they will wipe your data.

When I noticed it first was around 2nd January 2018. I loaded N500 and bundled for 2G. I waited for almost 1:40 am to start YouTube streaming, at least to watch the highlight of matches I missed and I was so comfortable that I was streaming it in HD. After streaming two matches (11min each), one spirit asked me to check my data and lo and behold, Glo don zap almost 300mb comot for my data.

To be honest, na small thing remain I for commit suicide that day ooo. No be joke.

I had to go back to Glo website to read the criteria to qualify for YouTube streaming to be sure and the website said: You have to buy data of N500, N1000 and above to qualify. I had to bundle for another N1000 to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me.

As am writing this message ladies and gents, I just finished watching Chelsea Vs Norwich City match highlights now and glo just zapped 123mb from my data. It is however safe to say that Glo or Data Grand Masters as the call themselves has stopped YouTube data streaming and decided on their own not to inform their valued customers 'as they call us'.

Glo is however lucky that I'm not financially buoyant, I would have sued the living hell out of them and they will pay through their Data.

Grand masters of data my foot.

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