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It Is Very Wrong To Put Gas Cylinders Inside Your Kitchens - Burns Expert Warns

It maybe the first time you are hearing this but it is real. An expert in burns treatment, Dr Ayodele Iyun, has said domestic burns cases from the explosion of gas cylinders brought to the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan has increased by 50 per cent in the last two years.

Dr Iyun, the consultant in charge of the hospital’s burns unit, said the upsurge in domestic burns cases was linked to people shifting from the use of kerosene to cooking gas. He said in the last two weeks, two women with over 65 per cent burns had been admitted to the hospital due to gas explosion, adding “almost every month, we now have at least two major burns cases.”

The expert declared that over 90 per cent of the cases were due to camping gas cylinders exploding, noting that often only severe burn cases come to the hospital for treatment, declared that this upsurge in domestic burns due to gas explosion had also been noticed in other burn units, especially in the South Western Nigeria.

“Occasionally, we have cases of industrial gas explosion, like the case that occurred in Eastern Nigeria, but now we are having terrible incidences of burns from domestic cooking gas crippling into the South West.

“I can’t say the exact figure, but in terms of burns due to gas explosion, the increase is almost 50 per cent, especially domestic gas explosion. In fact, about 90 per cent of them are camp gas cylinder explosions,” he declared.

He added that the cases were more in women than men, declaring “so, we now have fewer cases of kerosene burns, it is now gas.” Dr Iyun, stressing the need to prevent this incidence because the outcome of massive burns was not too good, advised that Nigerians should desist from keeping gas cylinders in their kitchens.

According to him, “what is now important is education; people need to be aware of the dangers of using cooking gas. They need to know how to use it properly. Government must ensure that they are not supplying faulty gas cylinders. A faulty gas cylinder will most likely leak and this can lead to an explosion.

“People need to take precautionary measures, especially when changing cylinders and also to ensure that before they ignite, they make sure that there is no gas leaks.”


Do you know that the Gas Cylinder you live with in the kitchen is a time bomb, ready to explode any time? Like the vehicle tyre that has an expiring date, do you equally know that the Gas Cylinder has an expiring date?

Expired LPG Cylinder are not safe for use, so please be careful.The expiring date is coded on the side of the LPG Cylinder in alphabetical order, A,B,C,D to represent quarters of the year.

A is for March 1st Quarter
B is for June.  2nd Quarter
C is for Sept.,  3rd Quarter
D is for Dec.,    4th Quarter

There are some two digit number that follows, e.g. D06. The digit stand for the year the validity expires D06 stands for 4th Quarter (December) 2006. That is the expiring date of that LPG Cylinder, so be careful to avoid domestic accidents.

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