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"It Is Insanity For Anybody To Wish Buhari To Continue Beyond 2019" - Igbo Youths

Igbo Youths under the aegis of Igbo Youths Initiative has thrown their weight behind the call by former president Olusegun Obasanjo for President Muhammadu Buhari not to seek re-election. Speaking with irukkanews, the Founder/President of the group, Prince Alexander Ezeobi said that Buhari has no reason whatsoever to seek second term of office. According to him, the citizens of the country are currently going through hell, adding that Nigerians cannot bear another four years of Buhari in office.

He said Nigerians have shown enough patience for Buhari`s myriad of incompetence. According to him, Buhari must not try to stretch the patience of Nigerians further since there is a limit to human endurance. He said that it is insanity for anybody to wish for Buhari to stay in office beyond 2019, going by the suffering in the land. According to him, the best thing for President Muhammdau Buhari is to start packing his bag out of the presidential villa. His words,

"To be honest, I am not a fan of former President Olusegun Obasanjo because I strongly believe that he is one of the problems with Nigeria. But if I am not happy with the messenger, I am happy with the message. Obasanjo spoke the minds of the majority of the country. Nigerians are currently going through hell. We have never had it this bad in the country.

Buhari would do a lot of good to Nigerians and also himself by not seeking re-election in 2019. If you look at his frailty now and imagine how he would be looking in the next five years. So, apart from his failures in every front, the youths are now ruling the world. He should go home to take a deserved rest. Age is not on his side. He is also not in the best of health, therefore, the best thing for him to do is to go home and rest. He has made his mark”.

Ezeobi lambasted the Igbo leaders in APC who went to endorse President Buhari for second term. According to him, the people are a disgrace not only to themselves and their families but to Igbo nation. He said that the so-called Igbo leaders in APC that went to endorse Buhari don’t have electoral values.

"The so called Igbo in APC that went to endorse Buhari for second term are vagabonds. They have no electoral values. For instance, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu who for many years was the National Chairman of the defunct All Nigeria Peoples Party(ANPP), did not even produce counselor for the party in his village. 

So,do the rest of them. I want to tell you that next year, if Buhari dares to run, he would utterly be humiliated, not only in Igbo land but in every part of the country. So, I want Nigerians to know that those who went.

Source: Irukka News

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