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If You Earn N65,000 Monthly, Give Your Girlfriend N50,000 - Nigerian Man Says

Dipo Awojide who goes by the name @Ogbenidipo on twitter has advised Nigerian men to spend a larger part of their income on their girlfriends. He for instance mentioned that if a man earns N65,000 monthly as salary, N50,000 should go to his girlfriend.

And he spoke specifically on ladies having their National Youth Service. He said they should be given priorities by their boyfriends as they go through a lot of stress and suffering at the NYSC orientation camps.

He argued that Guys should give out nothing less than N50,000 to girlfriends who are in NYSC camp, “to secure their investment”. He even went further to state that guys who earn less aren’t exempted, as even those who about N65,000 per month, should still be able to give out N50,000 to her, while he manages the rest.

Dipo Awojide has this to say;

“Your gf is in NYSC camp and you cannot send her 50k in 2/3 weeks? Do you know the temptation in NYSC camp? If you cannot visit her, at least send small money. Protect your investment Uncle. If you cannot send small money to your gf in NYSC camp then free here. Allow Uncle Femi, Bro Dapo, Uncle Wole or Uncle Dayo do their thing.”

“Kings, take care of your women. Look after them emotionally, financially and satisfy their sexual needs. This one is not a joke.”
He was then asked by a twitter user if the boyfriend just got a job at a call centre what he earns is just N65,0000
He responded thus;

“If your salary is N65,000 there is nothing wrong in giving your babe who is going to NYSC N50k out of that N65k. You are a man. Manage the rest.” Well as a Nigerian guys, would you give your girlfriend N50,000 out of your salary, irrespctive of ho much you earn?

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