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I Will Vote Buhari In 2019 As A Pay Back To All Those Who Voted Him In 2015 - Angry Lady Declares

To be fair, I understand this young lady's anger but I will urge her, were ever she is to not make that mistake. People who made the mistake of voting him in 2015 is clearly regretting it now and they wont make the same mistake the second time.

Truly PDP needed to be dethroned in 2015 because of the gross mismanagement of funds and the outright foolishness of the then government to let corruption ravage our country without any will whatsoever to fight it. Little did we know that they devil we knew is better than the angel we don't know.

The 2019 presidential election is just around the corner and everyone with their opinions and how they think the election will pan out.

But a certain Lady on Twitter has hysterically narrated how she’d vote for Buhari to be re-elected as the President of Nigeria, 2019 to spite those that voted for him in 2015 and impevrished our dear country like this.

In her viral tweet, she wrote:

“I will vote Buhari in 2019, as a pay back to all those that voted him in 2015. We will die here together. Nonsense”

See her tweets and people's responds..

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