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I Love Younger Men: Empress Njamah Denies Punch Interview Accredited To Her

Nollywood actress Empress Njamah has reacted over an interview she was purported to have granted to a reporter of Punch Newspaper, which she disclosed was far from what she said.

It was reported that she feels offended when younger men woo her, but the Abuja based actress debunked making such statement as featured on a popular instagram account @instablog9ja.

See her disclaimer below:

"[b] Hello people.. I woke up this morning and was bombared with several calls calling my attention to the above post from @instablog.. this really got me infuriated because I am not stupid to say such, and part of the reasons I seldom do interviews. The guy in question chased me for days for an interview because of the reputation I have for punch online...

but what I discussed with the punchonline journalist Olusola by name had nothing
to do with the above. We only talked about my charity works and beauty tips, and of cos @instablog found it juicy for the publication @punchonline via Olusola... if u cannot produce proof of how you came about how I said the above statement I will take this as an outright defamation of character and demand an apology.

Journalists should understand that they wield a magic wand in the name of what they write and care has to be taken not to mare the xters of the people they write about especially when we take out time to grant them interviews. The masses can consume anything you give them regardless of the truth in the publication.

The comments I read from @instablog9ja are disturbing.. @lailasblog @chinnysblog @kemifilaniblog @yawnaijaent @goldmynetv @lindaikejiblog @famousblogng @neeceebosslady @gistonflameblog @mod0jidelanoblog1 @alexreports @instablog9ja"[/b]

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