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I Don't Like Or Date Handsome Men - Actress Yvonne Okoro

Though its every woman’s dream to settle down with good looking gentleman as a lifetime partner, Ghanaian actress and producer, Yvonne Okoro has revealed that good looks isn’t her thing.

The award-winning actress explained that she is not the type of woman who would easily fall for a guy’s looks and thinking otherwise about her will be erroneous.

In her reply to a Twitter follower on her page, praying for her and Yvonne Nelson to get handsome men as husbands, Yvonne Okoro replied to correct that notion about her.

“Thank you darling. But I don’t like handsome men. Looks are the last thing I look at, he has to have a heart and a soul,” she corrected.

Reactions have emanated and a good number of people believe she is simply bluffing as it is the desire of every lady to be seen with a good looking man.

What do you think about Yvonne's notion on men? Is she bluffing?

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