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Google News: YouTube Monetization 2018 - Account Must Have 4000 Watch Hours & 1000 Subscribers

Google is fast making every of their products too strict to enter and is not good for business. I also understand the fact that they are trying to make it a safe and genuine place for people but the struct level of entry is somehow a disadvantage.

Initially, after so many people try blogging and apply for the Google Adsense, they get rejected a countless times, so most of them just resort to Youtube, why? because then, most YouTube accounts don't even take up to a day before they are approved by YouTube.

As at the end of last year, Youtube monetization became a bit harder, because one has to reach at least 10,000 views before the review for monetization even starts. Adsense for manitization, forget it. They can smack you any day anytime.

But 2018 is really a new dawn for new YouTubers as that policy is once again changed. Now, for one to be considered for YouTube monetization, he/she has to get up to 4000 watch hours, and up to a thousand subscribers. I believe not everyone would want to go through that... but if you are ready for the go, why not.

I urge Google to review this stringent rules abge

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