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Glo Slash Their Data Volume Into Half - If You Were Buying 2gb - N500, Now You Buy 1gb - N500

Nigeria owned telecom giants, globacom who prides and advertise themselves as the grandmasters of data has slashed their data volume into two and this simple means; if you are buying 2gb for N500 before, now N500 can only get you 1gb or if you are buying 4gb for N1000, now N1000 can only get you 2gb.

It seems things are getting tougher for the self acclaimed grandmasters of data as they also stopped the YouTube free data streaming at the bigining of this year and didn't even deem in necessary to inform their so called valued customers. 

This is not a drill guys cuz I bundled last night for N500 and expected 2gb but to my surprise, I was give only 1gb. I think glo is about to lose its large clientele for this move because most of us are using glo because of their favorable data volume not because of their network. Cuz their network sucks.

Anyway, see confirmation below....

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