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FFK Blast CNN For Reporting That Herdsmen Attack Is A Clash Over Piece Of Land

Former minister for aviation, Chief Femi Fani Kayode (SAN) has described CNN’s report on Fulani herdsmen attack as fake news.

Fani Kayode said the CNN report classifying herdsmen attack as farmers’ and herdsmen’ clash over piece of land was false and shallow. He queried why a case of ethnic cleansing could be reported as such on the news platform.
See what he tweeted;

“Amazed about how shallow and uninformed @CNN’s report on the Fulani herdsmen was this morning.

“To reduce cases of ethnic cleansing and genocide to mere “clashes between farmers and herdsmen” and to say that the matter is only about land is dishonest and disingenious. Fake news!”

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