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Enraged Youths Beats Up & Disgrace APC Lawmaker Campaigning For Re-Election

Now this is how all Nigeria youths should be behaving. Those politicians that were given chance to rule, if they ever mess up and come again to campaign for re-lection, they should be disgraced no matter who they are. This is how a country that wants to move forward should behave.

A lawmaker who was campaigning for re-election in Kano State was beaten and disgrace by angry youths.

According to reports, the lawmaker was making a speech about 2019 elections when he was attacked angrily by the youths who were booing him during his speech. A source said that the Lawmaker is under the APC political party.

He added that the youths are angry about the hardship inflicted on them during this APC reign. The Lawmaker was taken to the hospital for medical treatment because he sustained some injuries with his cloth stained with blood.

Investigation is still ongoing to ascertain the identity of the lawmaker in question.

See photos below:

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