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Daughter Of Ex Oyo State Governor Steps Out With Cleavage Bearing Outfit

Is is as if she wants to go naked in broad day light. Biko, what is wrong with girls of nowadays? The daughter of ex-governor of Oyo state, Grace Ladoja, has created lots of buzz on social media with her fashion class which calls for serious concern.

Did her father see her before she left the house? No doubt she is someone that loves fashion and she has gradually groom herself to that level where she does not care about what is being said about her or what the society thinks of her. It’s all about the tech world and sis is doing fine just the way she wants to live her life as she continues to enjoy her father’s wealth.

She created a stare recently when she stepped out in an outfit that calls for serious questioning considering the kind of reputable family she is from.

No be small thing ooo.. More pics below..

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