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Daddy Freeze: People Rejoice As Their Pastor Calls God On Phone, This Buffoonery Must End This Year - Video

Can you imagine this men of God biko nu. Has it gotten to this? OAP Daddy Freeze who has been know for his ardent criticism of men of God in Nigeria as well as other African countries just shared an outrageous video of a crazy man who calls himself a man of God.

In the video he shared on his Instagram account, the man of God was seen delivering a woman of evil spirit and was calling God on phone to inquire from him who the woman is and how the woman should be delivered. 
I asked myself, are people this gullible? Is this really for real? This kind of video and show of little common sense at the beginning of 2018? This is indeed appalling and I believe this is why Freeze created #FreeTheSheeple.

See the video and what he shared below...

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