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Churches That Collects Tithes, Seeds From Widows, Student, Unemployed Are Wicked & Heartless - Daddy Freeze

First of all, how can one who is unemployed or a student pay tithe to the church? From were are these set of people expected to get the money to pay their tithes and seeds from, owning to the fact that they are being provided for and the other, unemployed.

How can a conscientious church ask these people for tithes and seeds? OAP Daddy Freeze has condemned this kind of practices in the church and termed those who dabble in these kinds of manipulation as wicked and heartless and calls for an end to it.

I'm not surprised to hear that some churches do really asked widows, students and unemployed youths for tithes and seeds.

Freeze however condemned the act via the post on his Instagram page...

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