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Checkout The Photo Of A Prophet Kissing His Wife & Housemaid That Got Him Arrested

A wife man once say and I quote: "As long as there is one God, there has been killing in his name". And I'm am now saying, as long as there is one God, their has been atrocities done and performed in his name. 

These so called men of God cannot just catch a break right? They have turned the name "man of God" to a dreaded name in the world today, especially in Africa. The Tanzanian man of God pictures above was arrested because of a picture that has gone viral were he is seen kissing his wife as well as his housemaid.

The Prophet (Nabii Tito) is a popular prophet in Tanzania and the photos of him kissing the two women went viral on social media and irked quite a number of Tanzanians and East Africans who called him out for his queer behaviors.

He has been arrested already and confirming his arrest, IGP Simon Sirro said Tito had been arrested following public complaints and will be dealt with accordingly.
God help us all.

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