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Breaking News: Stephanie Otobo Recants Her Confession, Says Apostle Suleman Made Her Give False Confession Against FG - Video

What is wrong with the entity called Nigeria and the people in it? As a blogger, I don't know what to write and what not to write again cuz you can write one thing today, tomorrow the person will come out boldly and recant his/her state.

People that have been know for this maneuvers are Abba Khari, Femi Adesino and then infamous Lai Muhammad. And now apparently, Stephenie Otobo has joined the gang. 

Not like I'm surprised about Stephanie but I need to ask, what kind of demon are associating with ladies this days? Recall that Miss Stephanie confessed last week in Omega Fire Ministries that some politicians working with the FG were responsible for everything that transpired between her and apostle Suleman, but now she has again recanted.

Stephenie Otobo claimed that Apostle Johnson Suleman told her to make a false confession accusing the Nigerian government of sponsoring her to tarnish Suleman's image. This was shared by Sahara Reporters..

See video footage below....


The above post is irrelevant because the video in question was done on the 21st of June, 2017 and the confession was just last week and in January 2018. 

Post will be deleted soon

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