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Another Guy Rejects Her Lady's Marriage Proposal At E-Center, In Lagos State - Video

This is becoming a trend this days and for this to be happening in Nigeria who proud themselves as the most religious nation in the world, then I can imagine what other countries are facing. Thanks to sex dulls, ladies have recovered their brains in Nigeria.

I mean, how can you explain it? Now of ladies are not proposing to their man (what they said they can never do and that it is a sacrilege", they are on Twitter of Facebook looking for a boy friend or outlines the qualities of a man they want to marry (looking for a husband). And yet some will say men are dogs.  

Hmmm ok. Last two weeks, about two men rejected their lady's marriage proposal and according to a Twitter user, another one happened at E-Center, Lagos yesterday again were a lady's boy friend rejected her marriage proposal. 

He shared this below ...

So I was sitting down jejeli having a bottle of Heineken after a long day. I was just then hearing noise behind me. It turns out a girl proposed to a guy and he said no! I think this movie poo should stop right here. Re u people mad?

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