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Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos Is Now The Richest Man On Earth, He Doesn't Pay Tithe - Daddy Freeze

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos is now the richest man on planet according Forbes and other online financial trackers. He is worth a whooping $105.1 billion and he is a computer scientist, and he is into e-commerce and retailing.

Ironically, he doesn't belong to any religion let alone to being a Christian and needless to say, he doesn't pay tithe or first fruit or seed of faith, which are what Nigerian pastors are using to enrich themselves today according to Daddy Freeze.

In his Instagram post, Daddy Freeze urges Nigerians to open their eyes, that prosperity doctrine and seed sowing is a doctrine from the pit of hell. All you have to do to succeed is to pray and work hard and be creative.

See what he posted below...

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