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A Man On Twitter (@ O'Larry Abimbola) Looking For Husband For Her Pretty Sister

Now i get the notion that says 'men are scarce'. Almost on daily, you will find a guy or a lady looking for a husband or a wife for his/her sister or brother respectively. And this is indeed getting out of hand.

Yesterday, a lady even proposed to his man in an open place in Lagos. Are men really that scarce? Well, this Nigerian man O'Larry Abimbola Turner @Clan_Clueless has taken to Twitter to search for a husband for his pretty sister. He shared photos of the pretty lady and gave a little description of her and what they family are looking for.

"I’m looking for husband for my sister. She fine. She get sense. She get money. So Be financially stable as well. Our family is full of tall individuals, so we aren’t looking for someone that will stand or rather sit out. Chubbiness and not being charcoal black is a plus.

See his post below....

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