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4 Nigeria “Yahoo Boys” aka G-Boys Arrested While Fleeing With A Rope In Thailand

Thailand Immigration police have arrested four Nigerians and one Cameroonians and charged them with fraud "operating an online romance scam" to deceive Thai women into wiring them money. 

Immigration Police Bureau commissioner, Pol Lt-General Sutthipong Wongpin, revealed that their arrest came after police received complaints from several Thai women who reported that foreigners they knew had been unlawfully detained at airports on their way to visit the women. .
Police checked and found no such foreigners and realized that the women had been deceived. An investigation discovered the location of the alleged gangsters and got the arrested. .

Sutthipong said several of the men fled by using ropes to lower themselves from the balcony of the apartment building. The suspects had prepared ropes in case police raided their room, Sutthipong said. .

Police seized five computers and many mobile phones during the raid. The four accused Nigerians were identified as Ikemefuna Oliver Ibekwe, 26, Ogochukwu Iduh, 28, Osaratin Irabor, 36, and Vitus Nwokemodo, 31 and the Cameroonian as John Nji.

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