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You Don't Need Drugs For Sex, "3 Minutes Is Enough For Sex" - Nigerian Doctor In UK

I know ladies will be appalled to hear this kind of lecture but the truth is, its coming from a certified Nigeria medical doctor based in United Kingdom and is as authentic as information and sex education can get. 

The doctor, Olufunmilayo, has assured men who come within 3-5 minutes of s3xual intercourse that nothing is wrong with them as many would want to believe. Answering an inquiry from a friend who lasts just 3 minutes during s3x and uses drugs to stay longer before ejaculating during s3x, the young doctor said a person should only be concerned if he barely lasts a minute.

As a blogger, I will advise men to out this doctor's advice in perspective else you may lose your girl friend or even your wife. 3 minutes is not even enough to cook Indomie let alone to satisfy a woman on bed. 

See his tweet below....

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