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Why EFCC Arrested Innoson: The War Between GTBank & Innoson Motors Explained - Adeyanju Deji

Dear Nigerians follow THREAD: 

Innoson Motors took a loan with @gtbank. They over deducted by over 700m. He took them to court. Court ordered them to pay 2.8B based on accumulated interest. They went to appeal and lost on appeal. They are at the Supreme Court. The accumulated fee as at today stands at over 6B. @gtbank has been bribing officials to evade paying.

Then there is another judgement he got against Nigeria customs for selling his goods illegally. @gtbank was also supposed to pay. They have appealed. Instead of obey the courts, @gtbank resorts to intimidation & frustrating Innoson. 
@gtbank mobilized dozens of policemen to pick him up but he is resisting arrest so far with the help of locals in his home in Enugu. Innoson Motors is doing a lot for Nigeria but we are in a country where if the cabals of the day don’t like your face, you must go down. Oh Nigeria, shame of a nation.

Editor's Note:

The above and below story is the assertion of Adeyanju Deji and like everyone knows, when someone is politically motivated like Reno Omokri and Deji himself, I would like to advice that their words be taken with a pinch of salt.

I also stumbled upon another story which was purported to be the real reason why GTBank and Innoson Motors are in loggerhead and it was written by a trusted news papers. Premium Times. You can read the story here.

He made the explanation via his Twitter account:

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