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What A Humble B@@bs - Ghanaian Fans Slam Actress Over Unfit Cleavage-Baring Outfit

What a humble bobbi, and she is flaunting it like tomorrow no dey. Sometimes, I do not understand people. Yes I had to use this kind of grammar because this is disconcerting. For many years parents has been shouting "what is good for Bola might not be good for Ogechi" and yet ladies don't want to listen.
Well this is the outcome of not listening. And this is what is termed as fashion disaster or should I say thing fall apart..lol. Its not only in Nigeria that celebrities get hit by fans or followers who don't like what they see on social media, it happen in Ghana too.

This Ghanaian actress, Ahuofe Patri got too much of what she undoubtedly deserved as she was mocked by Ghanaians on Facebook who questioned her idiosyncrasy.

See below;

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