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Thousands Of Shiite Muslims Protest For The Release Of Sheik Zakzaky - Photos

Impunity continues to reign in Nigeria and the United Nation and all other International organization is not doing anything about it. President Buhari continues to rule Nigeria with iron hand; like a military that he has always been and yet we claim to be in democracy. Hypocrisy of the highest other.

Outright disregard of the rule of law and disregard of any judicial proceedings in this country has characterized the APC administration. They APC - Led administration has demonstrated the highest disregard of anything resembling peace. 

Former NSA Director, Dasuki has been granted bail 3 to 4 times and the Federal Government refused to release him, the same thing goes to Zalzaky. Well, thousands of Muslims has taken to the streets and stormed the National Human Rights Commission today 13-12-2017 demanding for the release of Sheik Zakzaky from illegal & unconstitutional detention.

The worst part of it is that the APC members are head bent that no Northerner can contest and win Buahri during the up coming presidential election in 2019. My question is, are they really ok with what has been happening in Nigeria since Buhari took over the affairs of this country? Can they remotely be ok with it?

God help us all.

More pictures below....

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