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Teen Brags On Facebook - I Got F*cked To Get iPhone 6 Not Indomie

Believe me when I say morality has taken a back seat in this part of the world. Africans are even much more worst than the 1st world country they are emulating. Imagine what a young girl of this age can come out and proclaim on Facebook.

Well, Facebook user known as Harriette Danso has taken a swipe at all the girls who have f**kd and only get indomie in return. The teen girl who does not look older than 20 posted on the Social Media website that, she f*ck3d for an iphone 6.

She received lots of backlash and from observations, someone told her brother about her behavior on Social media, making her to delete the post on Social media. It’s true she’s not the first girl to agree to f**k someone just to get an iPhone or something else but to have the guts to come and say it loudly on Social media?

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