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Sponsoring #SupportSARS Against #EndSARS Is Precipitous/Reckless Of The Federal Government

If anybody is in doubt regarding the kind of government we have today in Nigeria (the APC - Led Administration), here is the answers that will clear your doubts. I will say personally, I am really appalled and ashamed of the antics of this APC led government and I fear for Nigeria.

The truth is, these government is using the power of poverty against the citizens of this country where our votes is not even worth up to N400. I mean when one is given food, they will vote for the candidate. We have seen it and we kept quiet, thinking all is well. Well, it only take quietness for evil to prevail. 

The worst is that the clamor of more than 90% Nigerians about the brutality and harassment of citizens by Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS officials was left unattended to and the government fanned ignorant of the whole thing and even fail to acknowledge problems of the mass until a well meaning Nigerian started the hashtag #EndSARS on Twitter and it started trending like wild fire. 

Now the government has thought it prudent to respond with treacherous and unbelievable propaganda by paying media houses and sponsoring the hashtag #SupportSARS on Twitter. If you have ever have a doubt on which way this government is heading, I think your doubts has been cleared. They rather sink their hands in cheer propaganda than tackle the matter head-on.

It is pathetic, its irresponsible, its reckless, precipitous and its appalling. And I was particularly surprised that those who came out to protest for #SupportSARS were much more bigger than those who came out for #EndSARS. I am indeed disappointed so much that I have to second this prayer that was tweeted by a Twitter user @umohjoe

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