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Sen. Dino Melaye Awarded 'The Best Senator In Kogi State Since 1999'

The Conference of Nigeria political parties (Kogi State chapter) on Monday honored Sen. Dino Melaye with the award of ‘the best senator in Kogi State since 1999’. The award was given to him at his residence in Abuja.

Mr. Melaye shared the pictures on his Instagram page with the caption: 

“Conference of NIGERIA political parties Kogi State chapter gave award today as best senator in Kogi State since 1999.” “State Chairmen of Political parties in Kogi State at my Abuja residence today.”

Editor's Note;

You kind of wonder, if he is awarded this kind of award, that shows the kind of senators Kogi State has been producing since 1999. 

But come to think of it, if this award is the collective efforts and in support of the people of Kigi State, were then did Yahaya Bello got the thousands of signatories who signed for Dino to be called back?

More photos.....

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