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See Viral Video Of A Young Lady Who Fell And Died Instantly While Dancing In A Party

Truth be told, most people no dey hear word at all. I red about how people host parties everywhere this days just to get people to come around and eat, in the hopes of using them to do money rituals. Yet party riders are everywhere.

Well, another incident affirming the above notion has surfaced again. I'm hoping people will cut down on attending parties this days. Hope my Yoruba friends will adhere to it. Though this lady is a Cameroonian and this incident happened in Zurich, Switzerland.

A video recently hit social media and it has gone viral already. The video alleged that a girl dancing at a party with friends and family all of a sudden falls and died instantly. Was she poised? Nobody could determine that.

Initially it seems guests at the event were assuming it was a slip up but shortly after they noticed she had actually fallen unconscious and later discovered she wasn’t breathing again.

I pray people will take precaution. 

See the video below.

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