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#EndSARS: SARS Detain Man For 5 Days After He Got Picked Up When He Went Out To Buy Water

The lawlessness in Nigeria is alarming and I for once is sick of it. I am inclined to second the notion of Nnamdi Kalu and even go as much as applauding him for calling Nigeria a ZOO. This is not a banana republic and yet everything we do points to same. How can SARS arrogate themselves as god in this country?

An ailing father of two simply, Mr. Rease Ogundipe Sedenu left his house at around 10:00pm on Wednesday to get bottle of water for his medication when he got picked up by SARS and for days, his daughters aged, 8 and 6 were left to starve.

Ogundipe’s family and friends launched a search for him when he didn’t return and he was found in Ikoyi prison where he has been remanded for three weeks on the orders of a magistrate court in Gbagada and the case adjourned.

Read the tweets below:

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