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Police Brutality: Policeman Shoots & Kill A Driver In Ekiti State Because Of N50 - Graphic Photos

I'm indeed dumbfounded considering the lawlessness and the antics of the law enforcement agency in Nigeria. Everybody is clamoring #EndSARS now because of their inhumane treatment to innocent individuals on the road and their parent force, NPF is no different.

In fact SARS seems to get all the attention because their antics is way beyond what people can bear. Its appalling. A Facebook user @ Michael shared this information this morning on how police officer killed a driver just because of N50

See below...

'Reports spreading round from my home state in Oye Ekiti to be precise indicates the evil act of the men of the clueless, heartless and uncivilized men Nigeria PoliceForce again. It was stated the driver was shut because he refused in giving just 50naira. What a tragedy? 

The concerned stake holders must do something on this.
The young activists in the area must take meaningful action.
The Governor must take action. 

This is totally inhuman'

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