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Photos From Today's Twin Bomb Blast In Biu, Borno State - Very Graphic Photos

Though FG claim to have curtailed the exercise of insurgency in Nigeria, terrorist group, boko haram continues to turment the residents of North Eastern State of the country.

According to Zenald Care Foundation, an NGO in Yola, 3 suicide bombers today attacked Biu in Borno State and killed many people. Ibrahim also confirmed the incidence (I think he made a mistake on the date, meant to write 2/12/17 instead of 2/11/17).

Below is what Zenald Care Foundation wrote....

'Update on Borno bomb blast - The Biu situation, I have relatives there that confirmed to me what happened. The bombs were carried by three female children, as described. They entered locations with a lot of young people involved in transaction of 1) foodstuff, this being the harvest season approaching Xmas. 2) the market for the sale of ITs, cellphones, Sims, etc. These places attracted youth.

The report I got on casualty is that of at least xyz. But this is an early and hasty estimate.

About the suicide bombers, two died but the third girl could not detonate and so she was caught, disarmed and by my report, handed to authorities.

The incident happened about two hours ago, maximum. Time I wrote this is 1.24 pm'.

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