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Man To Pay A Whooping KSh 2.5m (N8.9 million) To Marry Kenyan Socialite

So it is now confirmed, its not only in Nigeria, especially Igbo people that pride prize is very pricy. It happens in other countries too and what am about to reveal to you will blow your mind. So Mbaise people, you have reason to be happy today cuz you are not in pricey pride prize alone...lol.

Marying a socialite or celebrity must be an uphill task, if the asking bride price for Nairobi Diaries star Risper Faith is anything to go by. Risper who is renown for her unbeatable/huge backside is set to marry her Nairobi Diaries co-star Brian Muiruri, after holding the traditional ruracio (wedding) back in October 2017.

On the weekend of Saturday, November 25, Brian and Risper had to go through the dreaded step (family negotiation) in any couple intending to tie the knot.

TUKO.co.ke reports that while Risper is a very well off video vixen, business woman and reality TV star, her bride price was in many ways through the roof. Brian, or Brayo, will reportedly have to part ways with a whopping KSh 2.5 million (N8.9m) to bag the lady as his wife. 

While the amount might not seem like such a hefty one in some respects, it is notable to relate with the fact that the average Kenyan man is only willing to pay upto KSh 100k, plus some routine favors to his inlaws throughout the marriage.

To be fair to the hubby Brian, he is a fairly well-off personality, and at one interview in past, Risper Faith conceded that she was initially attracted to Brian for his financial muscle.

In her words;

“Frankly speaking, at first I was attracted to financial muscle and all that lifestyle thing. Every girl likes that. But with time I got to learn his character and saw him from a different perspective. Brian is a great man who besides the money takes care of me." Risper was once quoted by SDE.

The two are also building a state of the art mansion which is on the verge of completion. They intend to move in after their wedding.

Editor's Note:

I think this companionship is doomed to fail. What do you think guys? To spend N8.9 million just for bride prize. Chineke napu ekwensu ike.

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