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Man Disgraces & Batters His Wife Publicly After He Caught Her In A Hotel Cheating - Video

Promiscuous wife is the worst thing that can happen to a man. Some people may not understand the gravity of promiscuity until you witness one first hand. By witnessing, I mean when it happens to you directly. It is the worst feeling in life. 

You keep asking yourself, is it because I don't have too much money, what is she looking for that I don't have? Is it that I'm not able to satisfy her sexual needs? Is she faking satisfaction all this while and pretending to me? 

Trust me, nothing kills a man fasted than insecurity and when his ego is crushed. According to the story, his wife told him she was going to the village to see her sick mother but he caught her in a hotel with a Man.

In the words of Danny Crane; Love is a bad business.

See footage of the encounter below...

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