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Lady Reveals How She Slept With A Manager During An Interview & Got The Job

If there is cure for stupidity, I would have prescribed one for this fooling girl. She took to her Twitter account to reveal how she slept with the manager of the place she went for interview and got the job immediately. 

See what she tweeted below...

"Had a job interview today, bleeped the manager and walked out with a new job making 7.25/hour & Y’all still asking y’all parents for money. Can’t relate"

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the lady is stupid because she slept with the manager to get the job, cuz 80% of ladies are doing that sh*it, I'm saying what does she think will happen if that same manager stumbles upon this post online?  

I mean her boss could see this today or tomorrow and sack her immediately. And deny the fact that she slept with him and she could just be right back were she started. 

Stupidity is indeed a disease - Some people just reason through their anus. 

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