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Lady Rejects Boyfriend's Proposal In A Busy Mall - "You Slept With My Best Friend" - Video

This kind of embarrassment is too much and I will urge the friends of this guy to watch him very well cuz suicide might be in his mind or even hurting the girl that embarrassed him like this.

Her girl friend just rejected his proposal in a very busy mall and this is very embarrassing even though the girl claimed he embarrassed her first by sleeping with her best friend. Her Instagram handle is @symply_tacha, on her birthday.

Here’s what she wrote;

“You Slept With My Bestfriend” — Nigerian Lady Rejects Boyfriend Proposal in a Mall (video) - GIST 

“I’m sorry i dissapointed my friends and family present there, its my f****** birthday, why ruin it with an engagement, did you talk to me about it??!! NO! now i have people insulting and calling me names on blogs!

I blame you Enzo… you f–ked my bestfriend (Kandy) and also slept with her kid sister, how did you ever expect me to forgive you!! I feel very embarrased i have been crying i regret saying yes to you in the bus on our way to Oyo. You played meπŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

What will people say about me, you embarrased me at the mall!!! I will never forgive myself lord knows”

Watch the video Below; - I thought this is a season for forgiveness and love, why can't she forgive?

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