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“I Cannot Date You, If You Don’t Drive A Ferrari” I'm Into Big Men - Nigerian Lady Declares

I bet nothing like shame anymore among Nigerian girls this days. A Lady has taken to her Facebook wall to reveal she’s into “Big Men” only, and she can’t go for “ordinary guys” and that she can only date guys that have Ferrari.

She wrote; 

“I have got 400 dating request from guys in 2017,I ain’t accepting them Cus none of them drives davidos ferarrie, small small car owners are all I see, I do big things. When you have ferrarie, please report back, I will reconsider”

Editor's Note:

Nwata kiri na sapu be ahu they find person wey get Ferrari wey she won date. Chai, a chineke eriele alili nna. This one wey no even get common selling point self. God, why don't dey have cure for stupidity biko nu?

Person wey never pass JAMB dey find Ferrari wey she won enter... She no even sabi spell Ferrari self. Parents, you see watin una dey train?

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