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GTBank Vs Innoson - GTBank In Trouble As #boycottGTBank Trends Like Wildfire On Twitter

Just as expected, GTbank will never go out of this Innoson Motors matter in one piece. The hashtag #boycottGTBank have started trending on Twitter and its indeed trending like wildfire. Its not only the Igbos again but all Nigerians are boycotting GTBank already.

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC was used by these GTBank to harass and intimidate legitimate businessman like Innocent Chukwuma whose only sin was to ask GTBank to pay him back the excess money they deducted from his account. 

Imagine your own back that you have been doing business with for years, reaping you off and when you find out and asked them to pay back, they refused and you took them to court and court ordered them to pay and yet they refused and rather resorted to blackmailing their own customer to EFCC that he didn't pay his Tax.

Bad move GTBank, very bad move...

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