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Former President, Goodluck Jonathan's Christmas Message To Nigerians

Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan via his Facebook account, shared a wonderful Christmas message to the entire Nigerians, wishing them a merry Christmas and a wonderful new years ahead and also reminded them what Christmas is really about, LOVE.

This is what he shared...

Christmas, the time when Christendom has chosen to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ, is a time of unity and family. We celebrate the union of the divine with humans in Jesus and the fact that God has made room for us to be part of His family. 

That being the case, let us exhibit those virtues and unite as one family under God to do good to each other and our nation. I know of the sufferings our citizens are going through at this time and the challenges it poses. 

These challenges will pass, but Nigeria will remain. And we will remain united and familial. Merry Christmas from my family and I to all Nigerians and the family of mankind. GEJ.

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