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Enough Is Enough - Nigerian OAP To March Bare Chested With 10,000 Women Over "SARS Killings"

Enough is enough. This insolence has gone on too much in this country and SARS cannot and will not predict how Nigerians should go about their daily lives. Worst part of it that the Commissioner for Police is doing absolutely nothing about it.

Well, Nigerians are out for them. On Air Personality, Tyra, in support the movement against SARS on social media, said that she will be protesting against SARS bare chested alongside 10,000 women in a yet to be disclosed date.

According to her, she will be bring back the Aba women riot of 1929 to 2017, against the agency created by the Nigerian Police to curb crime.

Stay tuned guys... we as citizens of this country are out for those bastard. 

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